Our pupils' natural swimming ability is encouraged through structured activities and play
Each child will be assessed on ability, age is only a guide

  • We offer tuition for children from 2-4 years old.
  • We believe in small classes of no more than 3 pupils.
  • Our toddlers learn to swim using our proven Sevenus step-by-step method.
  • We work to lesson plans by introducing various structured activities with play and games to encourage water confidence.
  • Our pupils will learn water safety skills and how to take instruction, which could save their life.
  • We teach toddlers the fundamental elements of front crawl and backstroke.
  • During classes pupils learn to socialise and to share with class mates.


We use a psychological approach when teaching older children

  • We provide tuition for children from 4 years old and upwards.
  • We accommodate up to 6 pupils per class, with matched ability.
  • We promote early independence and confidence in the water, and then work on style.
  • We teach all 4 swimming strokes because pupils enjoy variation.
  • We supply a range of practices in the 4 strokes so they can be perfected with ease.
  • Correct swimming starts and turns are introduced in preparation for more advanced levels of swimming.

level 9 & level 10 junior swim squad

Technique and stamina are required to advance the swimmer

  • Introduction to squad training for children from 6 years old and upwards.
  • Once technique in the four strokes have been perfected by Level 9, pupils progress to Level 10 and begin junior swim squad training.
  • These classes are designed to develop  pre-competition skills for competition at club or school.
  • All junior swim squad pupils must be club members.
  • The duration of the Level 9 session is 45 minutes.
  • The duration of the Level 10 junior swim squad session is 60 minutes.
  • These classes are structured for each pupil to still gain individual benefit within the group.
  • Classes serve to foster teamwork skills and enjoyment of team camaraderie.
  • While benefitting from water based exercise, feeling part of a team and gaining social skills is an important part of overall development which we aim to promote.

about our method

Unlike the general teaching methods used, we uphold the fact that each pupil is unique, has a unique personality and perceives the world in their own way. We therefore, do our best to tailor our teaching to specific needs accordingly.

We all know how good it feels when we, ourselves, are approached with respect and sensitivity: What suits one may not suit another so we implemented this approach within our teaching method.

Our instructors will first assess personality and the physical structure of the child. Then,  after patient observation of the way each child naturally manoeuvres through water, we will include specific activities to develop inherent skills.

By building on movements that come more naturally to each pupil, their ability to swim is easily facilitated without any resistance to learning. When children discover that they ‘can do it on their own’, and without anxiety or coercion, they soon become confident little swimmers and grow in self-esteem.

  • Laura Sevenus was a South African national competitive swimmer in the 60’s. She was one of five South Africans chosen to tour with the American Water Follies as a synchronized swimmer, thus changing her amateur status.

    In 1964, her professional career began when she assisted the South African team coach training beginners, and later established her first private swim school. Her understanding of parent and children’s needs led to the creation of a purpose-designed facility for teaching swimming in Cape Town, this is where she developed what is now the Sevenus Swimming Method®.

    She has contributed her evolving insight and expertise to various working groups in South Africa, Sweden, Germany and the UK and has been instrumental in defining swim teaching standards in South Africa. She is also a certified aquarobics instructor and Watsu® practitioner.