Their natural swimming ability is encouraged through structured activities and play

  • Tuition for children from roughly 2-4 years old.
  • Small classes of no more than 3 pupils.
  • Our toddlers learn to swim using our proven step-by-step method.
  • Complementary activities are introduced along with games to encourage water confidence.


A more physiological approach may be necessary when teaching an older child

  • Tuition for children from roughly 4 years old.
  • Classes of up to 6 pupils depending on ability.
  • Once confident in the water, our pupils are taught the four swimming strokes.
  • The correct starts and turns are introduced in preparation for more advanced levels of swimming.

level 9 & level 10 junior swim squad

A more technical and disciplined approach is required for the more advanced swimmer

  • Training for children from around 6 years old.
  • Once the four strokes have been mastered in Level 9, pupils are introduced to our Level 10 junior swim squad. These classes are designed to develop pre-competitive skills preparing them for entry to club swimming. All junior swim squad pupils must be members. Level 9 sessions are 45 minutes and Level 10 junior swim squad sessions run for 60 minutes. These classes are structured to benefit the individuals within a group, however teamwork and camaraderie are also encouraged.
  • Our pupils are also encouraged to feel part of a team for social enjoyment as well as for the exercise benefits.