survival skills week

what happens?

Each year one week in July is dedicated to teaching our pupils personal survival skills so they can be better equipped for their summer holidays. Being able to cope in unexpected situations where water is involved is vital, and can save a life.

This involves some swimming with clothes and shoes on, so please can each pupil bring the following:

  • Long sleeve tops
  • Pyjama bottoms or light trousers
  • Socks
  • A pair of clean shoes (that can get wet!) if you can

A few skills they will learn are:

  • How to keep as warm as possible in cold water
  • What if a friend falls in – the correct way to help and assist them to safety
  • How to call for help
  • Swimming without goggles – especially if swimmers are used to goggles
  • Recognising and using debris in the water to enable those in trouble to float
  • What it feels like to swim with clothes on
  • And many more hints and tips

This applies to all of our older pupils (mostly Level 4’s and above) and exercises are age appropriate. Survival skills week does not apply to our baby and some toddler classes, these classes will run as normal for the week.

We try to run our Survival Skills Week in conjunction with the RLSS Drowning Prevention Week which is similarly aimed at identifying life saving skills for swimming on holiday. We hope you find Survival Skills Week both beneficial and enjoyable!