what we offer


When booking an in-depth assessment is a prerequisite. Please provide all relevant information about your swimming abilities, history and the goals you wish to achieve when completing your online form.

These will be discussed with you at your first lesson. Occasionally, we may have to go back to basics in order to achieve your goals and you instructor will explain their motivation for doing so each step of the way. We tailor all sessions to suit the individual.


Our online system allows you to see available days and times, as well as the number of lessons available to you going forward. It also shows you which instructor will be taking the lessons.

Single or multiple lessons can be booked and the system is set up so you can manage your own bookings, transfers and/or cancellations (simply go to your BookWhen confirmation email and click on the ‘view booking’ button). Bookings, transfers and cancellations are subject to terms.

Please note that bookings can only be made up to 2 days in advance of the scheduled swimming lesson.

To start booking your 1-to-1 lessons, please visit our booking page.

Those attending private lessons are not required to become club members. When booking your lessons, please remember consecutive lessons each week for continuity is essential. Lessons last 30 minutes.

what if we are late for the lesson?

Arriving late will reduce lesson time its effectiveness. Your lesson must terminate on time so that our next client is not delayed. If you are late, please try to contact reception to inform your instructor.

what if we miss the lesson?

Missed lessons are lost lessons, unfortunately, because we are obligated to adhere to a strict schedule to accommodate all. Please manage your booking appropriately online.


The old dictum ‘Practice makes Perfect’, applies to swimming in particular. Apart from scheduled lessons, extra time spent in water benefits all those who are learning tremendously.

We are happy to offer specific swimming exercises and guidance for you if you have an alternative venue to practice in.

  • Laura Sevenus was a South African national competitive swimmer in the 60’s. She was one of five South Africans chosen to tour with the American Water Follies as a synchronized swimmer, thus changing her amateur status.

    In 1964, her professional career began when she assisted the South African team coach training beginners, and later established her first private swim school. Her understanding of parent and children’s needs led to the creation of a purpose-designed facility for teaching swimming in Cape Town, this is where she developed what is now the Sevenus Swimming Method®.

    She has contributed her evolving insight and expertise to various working groups in South Africa, Sweden, Germany and the UK and has been instrumental in defining swim teaching standards in South Africa. She is also a certified aquarobics instructor and Watsu® practitioner.