what we offer


An in-depth consultation for understanding the needs of the individual is routine for adults when attending private lessons.

  • Beginner tuition with a sensitive approach.
  • Breathing techniques taught and achieved.
  • Stroke improvement and fitness training.
  • Sessions tailored to suit the individual’s goals and needs.


Those attending private lessons are not required to become club members.

We offer a package of eight consecutive weeks to allow for continuity of learning. These are set at a specific time and day, weekly and last 30 minutes.

what if I am late for my lesson?

Arriving late will simply reduce the time for your lesson and it's effectiveness. Your lesson will end on time so that our next client is not delayed. If you are late, please do try to contact reception to inform your instructor.

what if i miss my lesson?

No refunds are issued for missed lessons unless you are ill and a doctor’s note is provided. Any lessons missed cannot be made up unless under exceptional circumstances when allowances can then be considered. If you know in advance you cannot attend, please do try to contact reception to inform your instructor.

Missed lessons and rescheduling classes hinder progress - please bear this in mind before committing to any swimming course.


Practice, apart from your scheduled lesson time will always aid the learning process. However if you are not a regular or confident swimmer, we advise practice sessions only after consultation with your instructor.