general information

All club membership lessons are ongoing, therefore there is no need to rebook. It is inevitable that, as our pupils progress and graduate through the levels, schedules will change accordingly.

Although most of our clients hold memberships, there are exceptions when private classes are booked (there is more detail at the bottom of this page).

All our pupils are rewarded for progress and achievement with annual achievement awards.

babies (3 to 24 months)

We offer baby swim classes for one parent or caregiver and baby in small groups arranged according to your baby's age and/or ability.

As your baby progresses, he or she will advance to toddler level and a suitable class will be selected then to ensure the smooth transition.

toddlers and children (24 months upwards)

All new members of 2 years and over are individually assessed. A prerequisite assessment to ascertain your child’s level of comfort in water will be conducted if you are new to our club. This determines which class is appropriate for your child. To ensure equal opportunity, age or capability is matched.

Your toddler is given a 15-minute complementary assessment accompanied by a teacher. It is only in exceptional circumstances (twins, triplets, anxious or hesitant toddlers,) when a parent or nanny may be asked to accompany the teacher in the water.

We offer on-going tuition in classes of no more than 3 children per class either once or twice weekly depending on requests and availability. Therefore, attendance is either 4 or 8 lessons per month.

Except for Adult/Private lessons, all lessons are on a permanent membership basis.

The duration of lessons is 30 minutes.

junior swim squad

As our pupils advance to higher levels namely level 9 & 10, there is a change in class structure and duration. These classes are designed to develop pre-competitive skills, preparing our young swimmers for club entry level.

Level 9 & Junior swim squad pupils who are in Level 10, must be members. The duration of these sessions extends to 45 or 60 minutes.

child & adult private lessons

Those attending private lessons are not required to become club members.

Single lessons or courses up to eight consecutive weeks must be booked in advance. Club membership payment conditions do not apply but full payment is required in advance.

  • Laura Sevenus was a South African national competitive swimmer in the 60’s. She was one of five South Africans chosen to tour with the American Water Follies as a synchronized swimmer, thus changing her amateur status.

    In 1964, her professional career began when she assisted the South African team coach training beginners, and later established her first private swim school. Her understanding of parent and children’s needs led to the creation of a purpose-designed facility for teaching swimming in Cape Town, this is where she developed what is now the Sevenus Swimming Method®.

    She has contributed her evolving insight and expertise to various working groups in South Africa, Sweden, Germany and the UK and has been instrumental in defining swim teaching standards in South Africa. She is also a certified aquarobics instructor and Watsu® practitioner.