Terms & Conditions – Missed Lessons

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missed lesson allowance / chiswick only

Each individual membership includes a missed lesson allowance of up to 4 lessons per year. This means that for any lesson missed (up to a maximum of 4) your direct debit will be reduced to reflect the number of class(es) you will not attend.

This allowance is primarily for lessons you cannot attend due to school and nursery activities and/or sports events, holidays and unforeseen circumstances. For lessons missed due to medical reasons, please refer to our illness clause no.18 within our terms and conditions.

It is not a requirement to use your missed lesson allowance but it must be noted that the allowance per membership does not carry over to the next teaching year, and any allowance not used will expired on the last teaching day in August.

This allowance is subject to the following conditions:

  • Allowances can be used as a 4-week block, or the 4 lessons can be divided throughout the year between September to the last teaching day in August.
  • When an allowance request has been issued, it cannot be reversed and no exceptions can be made.
  • Allowances cannot be backdated.
  • Allowance requests received before 20th of the month will be reflected in the following month’s Direct Debit.
  • Allowance requests received after 20th of the month will be reflected up to 7 weeks later.
  • Your Direct Debit will then be reduced to reflect the number of lessons you will miss for each allowance request.
  • Allowance not used within the year cannot be rolled over to the following year, and will be lost.
  • Allowance cannot be used as the 4-week cancellation notice period.
  • Allowances begin when you start your membership.
  • Allowance – is pro-rated depending on when you start lesson in that year and can be rounded either up or down.
  • Cancellations within 2 months of your start date may be subject to charges for excess allowance taken (if any).
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    In 1964, her professional career began when she assisted the South African team coach training beginners, and later established her first private swim school. Her understanding of parent and children’s needs led to the creation of a purpose-designed facility for teaching swimming in Cape Town, this is where she developed what is now the Sevenus Swimming Method®.

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