award books

our annual awards books

have been designed to recognise the achievements of our pupils. Award Books and their corresponding stickers are handed out each year in July and represent the level/s our pupils have achieved that year. Further details about our award book levels can be found in the new “level flip charts” which are located in the waiting area.


there are two award books


1st award book
Our first book focuses on Levels 1 – 5 and is awarded to our younger pupils who are learning the core fundamentals of swimming. When our little ones eventually reach Level 5 they are confident young swimmers who are able to swim a minimum of 12 meters unaided.


2nd award book
Our second book for Levels 6 – 10 is awarded to our pupils who can swim unaided and are ready to learn the four stokes. As their strokes develop and they become stronger, even more emphasis is placed on technique. Other necessary swimming skills and drills are taught at the same time and each level must be reached before progressing to the next. Our Level 10 swimmers are proficient in all four strokes, start and turns, and are ready for club swimming.

Please keep your books safe as they are issued to record your child’s “learn to swim” journey through the years and will become a treasured keep-sake.

progress card

progress_cardOccasionally our pupils make progress through the year but stay within the same level. This is very common for the more challenging levels such as Levels 4 & 7.

At Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition any amount of progress (no matter how small) is still recognised and rewarded. We acknowledge this progress by way of our Progress Card, which is filled with encouraging comments from the pupils’ teacher.

Our Annual Award books are presented once a year in July - during “Orange Envelope Week”.


Please note:
Pupils who reach new levels within the same award book will only be issued a new sticker or progress card – not a new book. New books are awarded when the pupil has fully completed Level 5 (Award Book 1) after which they will receive the next award of Level 6 (Award Book 2). Additional books or lost books can be purchased from reception.