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sustainable change for the next generation: saving our planet one step at a time

As swimming teachers, we love teaching water skills and how to stay healthy through regular exercise. However, living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about our physical fitness - it's about the environment we live in, too. That's why at Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition we're constantly evaluating how our business can reduce its carbon footprint.

Our Earth's ecosystem is suffering and that affects everyone. Small changes make a huge difference and whilst every person can make better choices about the way they live, we believe businesses must take responsibility too. That's why we've written the statement below, to show how committed we are to saving the planet - one step at a time.


what we've already done

The quality of our pool water is a top priority, but traditionally this involves using large amounts of chemicals. Reducing chemical use without compromising water quality can be a conundrum, but we have found a number of ways to do so...

Firstly, we have been asking swimmers to shower before they swim as well as wear swim caps. This reduces the amount of particles entering the pool water and helps us to keep the filters clean, in turn reducing the existence of bacteria.

Secondly, we have a UV light sanitisation system installed at our Chiswick pool which minimises chemicals. Soon we will introduce this to our Chalfont St.Giles pool, too.

Thirdly, we are curtailing energy and water consumption by encouraging shorter showers and we've stopped using plastic shoe covers. Our biggest challenge is to further reduce the use of plastic at our pools without jeopardising our health and safety standards.

Finally, we have begun processing everything from new registrations to direct debits electronically without the need for paper. This is a work in progress and we're assessing other ways of making our business 'paperless', so more improvements are imminent.

what we're still working on

All retailers are keenly aware changes are necessary and we are determined to do our part too. We are therefore proud to announce we have started selling locally sourced Hildon Water. Supporting local businesses is just one way we are working on significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our products.

We are also now proudly nut free in our shops, supporting those who suffer with allergies.

an award to be really proud of - new sustainable medals!

Our children are becoming increasingly aware of the planet and their environment.

They're learning about recycling, reusing and reducing at school and - rightly - demanding that their family and friends make better choices.

We thought our current system of paper award books needed overhauling, so we've designed an innovative new award system that everyone can be proud of.

Again, it's a work in progress and we're open to new ideas about our new award system - or indeed any other sustainable changes we can make.


Our swimmers will now receive beautiful, wooden medals and wooden pin badges for their triumphs, complete with organic cotton ribbons* and a small certificate.

We will provide medals for full levels from zero to 10 and pin badges will be awarded for those in between levels. As some levels can take a while to work through, we felt our half-level swimmers' efforts also deserved recognition.


Our pin badges were directly inspired by our award book characters, so are familiar to many of our swimmers - we really hope your children love them as much as we do. Perhaps they can become 'collectables' for the children.


recognising and congratulating every achievement

Every proud parent/guardian loves to capture those special moments of pride and we want to help you show off even more. That's why we have a Congratulations Wall at both our clubs. Please do take photos of your child in front of the Congratulations Wall with their special award and share it with your friends and family.

what the award system changes mean for your children

We will work through some old stock before we transition fully to the new award system, so children will receive level stickers until stocks are exhausted. We will not issue new books, but if you need stickers to complete existing books, please get in touch with us via

For health and safety reasons, the baby and toddler medals do not have a long ribbon. Levels 0-3 have hand-held ribbons for their medals.

* Please note that the star ribbon, for level 10, is the only one that contains plastic, in the form of nylon. We intend to review this in the near future, when we can source an organic cotton version that ticks all the boxes.

We hope you can support us through this transition period and perhaps use the changes to start conversations with your children about sustainability. If you can think of something we could do better, please do get in touch. We are always so grateful for your comments and suggestions.

As ever, thank you for your support!

The LSST team